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Alexis Marie. Natural. Brooklyn. Poet. Actress. Artist. Black. Woman. Writer. Human.

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Hello. My name is Alexis Marie Wint. I am 19 years old and in my junior year at Bard college at Simon’s Rock nearly on a full scholarship. I have maintained a 3.92 gpa and I am lucky enough to have gotten accepted to go to Manchester, England, for a semester on a study abroad program. I want to change the world, but I don’t want education funding to get in my way.

I will be researching a thesis and will write a collection of short stories, titled “Black Girl Abroad.” The focus is on experiences of today, and how people all over the world learn about and perceive the lived experiences of African-American people. The characters for each of the short stories will grow out of my observations and interactions while studying abroad at the University of Manchester. I am holding down three jobs at Simon’s Rock right now and have leadership positions in two clubs; I plan on becoming a University Professor when I finish. It’s not an exciting startup, but I am a driven young person, and I think you’d be proud to have me eventually teach your children. As you can see by the attached link and biography in the lower right hand corner of the page, I have a uniquely positive perspective, grounded in shared everyday experiences of black-descended people all over the world. As we work to become a more global society, I firmly believe that it is this type of very grounded but vividly image-driven story that will help to knit all cultures together in a global understanding. Thank you for helping me pursue my dream and enrich the world.